Watching all video lessons on your computer or tablet.

At this moment, The Kickstart Package app is only available for smartphones. If you don’t have a smartphone but still want to learn all that’s inside the package, then this is for you.

The Kickstart Package app will offer you the best experience and has a lot of extra resources to help you learn faster. But for some people an app is just not an option. If that is you, we have good news.

Our team is working hard to make the video lessons available on computer and tablet too. Sign up using the form below and we will send you a message as soon as this is finished.

Ways to do the Kickstart Package

We want this to be available to as many people as possible. That is why we make it available in both print and digital format. These are the ways for you to get kickstarted:

1.) By reading the book; for those that like to learn on paper.

2.) By downloading the app; for those that like to use screens.

3.) By downloading the app and going through the workbook; thanks to the screencast feature in the app, this way is ideal for fellowships, larger groups, churches and bible studies.

4.) By watching the video lessons on computer/tablet and combining this with the workbook and/or downloadable PDF’s; this is meant as an alternative solution for those people who are not served by any of the other options. To make use of this option, please sign up using the form above and we will let you know once it is finished.